BRIX Production is a fast-growing production in sustainable, environment friendly, time-efficient and economic houses. BRIX is based on steel constructions, light and heavy steel constructions adjusted to different climates. Our solutions range from small conveying systems such as containers to integrated turn-key quality apartments and villa projects.

Moreover, BRIX Production has export and international contracting capabilities and is one of the leading companies established in the Prefabricated Building Construction Industry sector with its activities. Our international design team is providing solutions in building houses in harsh climate zones like Iceland, Northern Europe, earthquake areas in Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia to mention some zones.

Sustainability is at the core of our business where reduction of CO2 as well as minimizing the waste of building material and optimizing the use of eco-friendly material and transportation is the key. The network of professionals and partners in over 15 countries implement Brix Houses solutions and are committed to excellence in everything they do.

Where innovation with eco responsibility and energy efficiency is at core, creating better living for generations to come

BRIX has the vision to become a global leader in sustainable, eco-friendly, safe and affordable houses.

BRIX also includes the participation of other dimensions such as business plans and cost control into these processes that it successfully manages with BIM. It provides real-time construction management Our systems interface seamlessly with software systems to ensure full control of the production throughout the complete processing, storage and shipment.

BRIX Production design team supports the production of high quality, safe and affordable BRIX Houses by providing solutions, services and using the best design software available. Sustainability is at the core of BRIX Production design and our groundbreaking innovation to reduce waste while improving isolation, ventilation and at the same time creating economic value for our partners and customers.

BRIX Production design team consists of local designers originated from the countries where to build BRIX Houses, are specialized in local rules and regulations to make sure that BRIX Houses fulfills all local requirements. From the first steps we take in design, we are committed to excellence and respect in everything we do and present. Brix Production also includes the participation of other dimensions such as business plans and cost control, as well as real time construction management.

We see our customers as deserving of the best and quality, and we are here to provide this. It is our job every day to meet the needs and demands of our customers: prefabricated houses, containers and steel houses.

Our Team BRIX.



The dedicated project
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MIDFIELDER is skilled
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controlling all aspects
of a technical project.

01.  ReliabilityReliability

Renowned for quality and performance in the most challenging environments on Earth, MIDFIELDER provides the integrated solutions you can count on. Scalable, and always reliable, MIDFIELDER delivers real time solutions that are focused on improving customer efficiencies and productivity.


MIDFIELDER lives up to the traditions of Turkish quality and service by building products that last a lifetime. Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured at our innovative facilities in the Turkish Republic, our teams are always available for outstanding technical support and training.


In a global market that expects no delay, MIDFIELDER sets the standard for we work tirelessly to design and develop innovative pre-fabricated light steel buildings customized for your needs, modular, control system automation tools and other products. We bring our customers integrated engineering solutions and products to meet their challenging and complex needs.

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